Pear rocha is a native Portuguese variety of pear. The earliest account of the Rocha variety dates from 1836, in the Sintra municipality. This variety was casually obtained from a seed, on Pedro António Rocha's farm. The variety derives its name from his family name. The Rocha pear is produced in several places in Portugal. The production area is over 100 km² and there are about 9,450 producers.

Rocha Pear produced in the Oeste region is the most renowned, being a product with specific characteristics:
-  Size: medium 55 to 75 mm
-  Format: oval, piriform
-  Skin: fine and smooth
-  Colour: yellow and green
-  Russeting: typical around peduncle
-  Pulp Colour: white
-  Pulp: hard and firm, crunchy, juicy and sweet


With a colour, texture and juicy flavour and an excellent ability to preserve, the Pear Rocha is a attractive variety from every point of view. Because it is resistant to handling and transport (even long distance) and because it has a great capacity for storage on the shelf, the Pear Rocha do Oeste is a product adaptable to modern distribution systems. Thanks to its properties, you get low loss of flavour during the storage period. Its resistance to handling allows the use of any type of packaging. Its yellow colour can create an attractive exhibition together with other varieties of pear (red or green) Among the major buyers of Pera Rocha do Oeste, are included some of the best retail chains of Europe and America. Also for the consumer of Pera Rocha do Oeste there is an advantageous purchase that’s justified by their extreme quality and good flavour.







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