With origins in New Zealand the Royal Gala apple is today an interesting variety by its good conservation, coloring and flavor.

Royal Gala apples are covered in a thin yellow to orange skin, highlighted with pink to red stripes that vary in hue dependent upon the apples maturity. Their dense flesh is creamy yellow and crisp, offering a mildly sweet flavour and flora aroma. Gala’s that are allowed to reach the peak of their sweetness on the tree will have a deeper red hue and a slightly sweeter flavour.

Gala apples are a great snacking fruit as they are low in calories, high in water content and offer a fair amount of vitamins A, C and B. They also contain a dietary fiber known as pectin, which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and help prevent heart attacks. They also contain trace amounts of boron, which has been touted for its ability to help build strong bones.




Red Delicious apples are bright to deep red in colour, oftentimes speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Its creamy white flesh is slightly crisp and dense offering a mildly sweet flavour and slightly flora aroma.

Red Delicious apples are best used in fresh preparations, as their flesh does not hold up well when cooked. Add to green, fruit and chopped salads. Use as an edible garnish on sandwiches, quesadillas and burgers. Since their flesh breaks down easily they can be successfully slow cooked and pureed to make sauces and soups.

This variety is one of the best known and most nutritious one, growing mainly in mild climates. Each 100 grams of apple provides an average of 58 calories.

This apple contains reasonable amounts of fiber and vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E as well calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium



Granny Smith variety, also known as green apple, appeared in Australia about 150 years ago and Portugal is one of the few countries in which it is grown.

These apples have a bright green skin that is often speckled with faint white lenticels (spots). Medium to large in size and round in shape, they are a firm and juicy apple with thick skin. Their flesh is bright white and crisp in texture with a tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavour. Granny Smith apples grown in colder climates will often take on a yellow to pink blush.

Granny Smith apples are often used in baking because of their high acidity and ability to hold their shape when cooked. This variety is high in cell repairing antioxidants. They are also a good source of soluble fiber, which has been proven to help lower cholesterol, control weight, and regulate blood sugar. Granny Smith apples contain vitamins A and C, as well as a trace amount of iron, most of which is located in their skin.




This a variety with a pink blush overlayed on greenish-yellow undertones. The flesh is firm, crisp, effervescent, and yellow-white, with a tangy and sweet flavor. Some have described Cripps Pink as having notes of honey.

Cripps Pink has a great flavour and texture for eating fresh. They brown in air slowly, so they are great for salads and fruit trays, as well as eating out of hand. The Cripps Pink also makes a good apple to cook into sauces and pies because of its high sugar content. Cripps Pinks store very well, and can be kept for three months or more under proper conditions; their flavour is actually enhanced by a month's storage.

Cripps Pink, are great sources of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, calcium, and iron, along with pectin, which is good for digestion. They are low calorie and low in fat, and are a healthy addition to snacks and meals.




Coming from Japan, the Fuji apples are medium to large. The thick skin of the Fuji apple is light red with a yellow blush, and is oftentimes lined with red vertical stripes. The Fuji’s interior creamy white flesh is dense, juicy, and crisp. Low in acid, the flavor is mild yet very sweet with hints of both honey and citrus.

The thick skin and dense flesh of the Fuji apple holds up extremely well when cooked. Fuji apples can be roasted, baked, sautéed and boiled down into sauce.

Fuji apples contain Vitamins A and C, as well trace amounts of folate and potassium. They are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, which has been shown to help prevent heart disease and promote healthy digestion. A medium-sized Fuji apple contains about 80 calories and is high in both water and sugar.




Golden Delicious apples are pale green to golden yellow in colour and speckled with small lenticels (spots). They are small to medium in size, and tend to be conical or oblong in shape. Golden Delicious apples are firm, crisp, and white-fleshed. These apples have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavour, which has been described as honeyed. The flavour varies depending on where these apples are grown; in a cool climate, the amount of acid increases, actually creating a sweeter flavour.

It is prone to bruising and shriveling, so it needs careful handling and storage. It is a favorite for salads, apple sauce, and apple butter.

Its main nutrients are: Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Water, Vitamins A, B3 and C








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